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Online, Live Fall 2016 Courses

Winter Chicken Care & Coop Winterization Intensive
Four classes: Starts Tuesday, NOVEMBER 15th, 2016, 7:30pm ET

Home Poultry Processing: Using Tools You Already Have or Can Make
Two classes; Monday evening workshop November 14th, 2016
and Saturday morning, November 19th,
hands-on, you-do-it-actual processing at your home 9am to noon ET

Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification
10 classes—Schedule to be announced.
Twice a week class. Approved for Home School
Prerequsite course to the Therapy Chicken Training & Coaching Course

The Art, Practice and Science of Incubation, Brooding and Educating Baby Chicks
Six classes—Time to be announced early spring 2017 so chicks hatch in time for Easter

Hot Weather Chicken Care & Coop Modification—4 classes
Schedule to be announced in April/May 2016

Therapy Chicken Training & Coaching—6 classes
Next course offered summer 2017
Participants required to take the Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification Course
before enrolling in the Therapy Chicken Training & Coaching.

All above courses qualify as advanced courses leading to the
Master Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification
More courses coming in 2017 including:
Primary Poultry Health Care and the Poultry's Pharmacy
Chicken Coops from the Chickens' Point of View
Garden Chicks: Growing Food With and For Your Flock, Not All Feed Has to Come From Bags

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Chicken Stimulus Packages

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• Master Backyard Chicken Keeper™ Certification

• Coop Corps

• Chicken Have-More Plan

• Egg Sheds

• 7 Myths of Urban Chickens

• The Chicken Underground—A Strategy for Those Who Want Flocks Where They Are Illegal.

• Legalize Chickens Strategies

• The Chicken Ticket: A Guide for Politicians

• Model City Chicks Law/Code/Ordinance and Useful Flyers

• Chickens as Bio-recyclers & Zero Waste Partners Saving Tax Payer Dollars

• Chicken Skill Sets

• Occupy Backyards Declaration

• Chickens in Community Gardens & Congregational Flocks

• USDA "Expects You to Keep Chickens" Posters


Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification

This is the flagship course that lays the foundation for not only keeping and employing chickens, but understanding how, and why chickens are the enablers of local food supply and keystones to sustainable living and emergency prepareness.

Class topics are:
1. Chicken Have More Plan
2. Laying Hens for Egg Production
3. Brooding and Educating Baby Chicks
4. Chicken Whispering: Discover the Chicken You Never Knew

5. Eggs-traordinary Eggs: The Science, Tips & Secrets of Eggs
6. Primary Poultry Health Care & The Poultry's Pharmacy
7. Garden Chicks: Introduction to Growing Food With and for Family Flocks
8. Biomass Recycling, Composting, Top Soil Creation with Chicken Helpers
9. Way of the Hen: Incubating and Brooding Naturally

10. Course Review, Q&A,

"We guarantee that after completing the Backyard Chicken Keeper Course
you will understand how to raise, keep and employ chickens
to help feed yourself and your family for the rest of your life!"


Winter Chicken Care & Coop Winterization
LOGO WINTERIZETraining & Coaching

Protect your flock from frigid winter storms. Winter care of flocks has management differences from the rest of the year. Learn simple, time-saving ways to make daily tasks easier and keep flocks healthy through the severest of storms. Take this course for the sake of your birds!

"This course made me confident that I'm doing the right things to keep my flock healthy through the winter. It's such a peace of mind. I'd so glad I took it!" Carolyn Watterworth—Ohio

• Breed–cold tolerant characteristics.
• Winter egg production
• Coop & shelter cold weather modifications
• Winter feeds, feeding & water supply
• Homegrown chicken feed: harvest crops from your garden for your flock through the winter
• Pro-active disease prevention and optimal winter flock health care
• Frostbite prevention and treatment.

Students prepare an action plan for their winter flock care and coop modification. Everyone receives individual coaching on what works and what doesn't.

Home Poultry Processing Using Tools You Already Have or Can Make
Learn how to humanely, safely and sanitarily process birds. Get healthy, high-quality meat and bone broth from your backyard flock. You are coached every step of the entire process including • The significance of taking life • The science & chemistry behind skilled meat processing • Processing equipment you have—or could borrow • Hand plucking done fast • Evisceration & anatomy lesson • Nutritional differences of meat from heritage vs. commercial breeds • Freezer packaging for long-term storage. Processing chickens for family food is a lost art of our culture. It’s time to bring back this old tradition and combined it with new, humane techniques based on meat science. One 2-hour class and 1/2 day hands-on coaching. Facilitated by Pat Foreman and David Schafer, The Featherman. More details here. register_small

Art & Practice of Incubation — 6 Classes
Suitable for home, school and science projects
This is the first EVER ON-LINE, LIVE incubation, brooding and educating baby chicks course that combines artificial and natural ways. Students practice incubation and managing broody hens real time along with the instructor. Students incubate eggs at home or in their class room, and manage broody hens (if any) in tandem with the class so there is real-time, in-sync instructions with the incubating and broody hen process. More details here.


Courses offered in 2017 include:
Click on each course for detailed information

• Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification—10 classes

• Art & Practice of Incubation —6 classes

• Brooding and Educating Baby Chicks—4 classes

• Therapy Chicken Training & Coaching—6 classes

• Home Poultry Processing Using Tools You Already Have or Can Make—2 classes

• Hot Weather Chicken Care & Coop Modification—4 classes

• Winter Chicken Care & Coop Winterization Training & Coaching

Under development & coming soon:
Primary Poultry Health Care and the Poultry's Pharmacy
Chicken Coops from the Chickens' Point of View
Garden Chicks: Growing Food With and For Your Flock, Not All Feed Has to Come From Bags


• Convenient access of on-line training from wherever you are with a computer or phone.
• Advanced GoToTraining format with cam video.
• Class notes with copies of all slides for clear understanding of concepts, designs and systems.
• 24/7 replay of class sessions.
• Real time video streaming and chat during class.
• Chat room opens 1/2 hour before class and remains open for Q&A and student interactions.
• Classes run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the topic and student questions.
• Small classes for maximum participation.
• Available international through your computer & VoIP, or phone access.
• Continue with other Chickeneers on a private (closed) Chickens and YOU FaceBook group.
• We strive to keep tuition affordable; targeted at about $20 per contact hour.
• Facilitated live by popular author & speaker Patricia Foreman and other expert guest Chickeneers
To arrange for courses in your area, scheduling & registration (540) 261-8775 or eMail: Training@ChickensAndYou.com