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Chickens In Community Gardens and Congregational Flocks

Chickens and community gardens go together like eggs in omletts. Some churches and non-profit organizations are getting institutional flocks to help feed members and/or local food banks.

Over the next year, we will be visiting many community gardens and non-profit flocks to glean experience and lessons learned. As this developes, we will post summaries on this page as an open resource.

Please contact us if you are interested in integrating chickens in your community garden or non-profit organization. We will work with you to develop your chicken keeping and employing system(s).

If you experience with community chickens and would like to share them, please contact us.

We will be adding material to this page as it becomes available.

If you are using, or would like to include chickens in community gardens or non-profit organizations please contact:

Patricia Foreman
or call: (540) 460-6459