• Chicken Have-More Plan

• Occupy Backyards Declaration

• Chicken Skill Sets

• Egg Sheds

• 7 Myths of Urban Chickens

• The Chicken Underground Railroad—A Strategy for Those Who Want Flocks Where They Are Illegal.

• Strategies to Legalize Chickens

• Model City Chicks Law/Code/Ordinance and Useful Flyers

• Chickens as Bio-recyclers & Zero Waste Partners Saving BIG TIME Tax Payer Dollars

Chickens in Community Gardens & Congregational Flocks

• USDA "Expects You to Keep Chickens" Posters


Gossamer Consulting Services

Through our network of experts, Gossamer Consulting Services can help develop programs in the areas of:

• City-wide Residential Chicken & Composting Programs
• Municipal or Institutional Composting
• Chickens Toward Zero Waste
• Chickens in School Programs
• Chickens in Community Gardens
• Living within your Egg Shed: How to be Egg Self-Sufficient
Get Chickens Legal in Your City, Town or Homeowner's Association
• Animal Control and Police Chicken Handling Workshops

If you have a program or project in mind that could use expert advice and input then we might have your answers. Through the Gossamer Foundation, we can help you get clear on what is possible—and then do it!

We can work with you to:

• Write Grants and Search for Funders
• Design Feasibility Studies
• Integrate chickens in with composting operations
• Develope Action Plans
• Write Operations Manuals
• Design Special Coops or Equipment
• Other Programs, Events or Challenges

For information about consulting services please contact
Gossamer Foundation
20 GreenWay Place
Buena Vista, VA 24416
(540) 261-8775