The Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

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The safety of your chickens means a secure coop where you won’t have sleepless nights worrying about run-ins with predators especially when you are away.

So rather than become a full-time chicken sitter for your flock, why not consider an automatic chicken door to keep chickens safe?

  • Durable design
  • Simple to use
  • LCD monitor

  • Easy to program and operate
  • Sturdy aluminum doors
  • Waterproof
Best on a Budget
  • Safety sensor
  • Sturdy aluminum design
  • Quick and simple installation
Editor’s Choice
  • Battery and electric operation
  • Easy installation
  • Closed door indicator light
Most Versatile
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Remote and manual control
Best Value

These products allow you to control when your chickens come out of their coop and it automatically closes the coop doors at night using a light sensor, timer, or even a remote control!

To help you choose the best automatic chicken coop door for your flock, we break down the uses and features of the top chicken doors so you can decide on the right product for your needs.

The Best Automatic Chicken Doors From The Reviews

Top Pick

ChickenGuard Waterproof Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The chicken coop door kit has a self locking system that engages once the door is closed providing an extra layer of protection while the adjustable light setting helps you control when to let chickens out of their coop.

ChickenGuard Waterproof Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The best automatic chicken coop door with durable construction is the ChickenGuard range. It includes British military-grade manufacture with a material that will strengthen with exposure to the elements.

The large door is completely weatherproof and will not warp, crack, or swell come rain, snow, or shine.

Best on a Budget

Run Chicken Model T50

Plug and play technology has replaced the cables and wires in this system making it easier and faster to install than most doors.

Run Chicken Model T50

The Run Chicken Model T50 is the leading battery-operated automated door for chicken coops providing a full year of uninterrupted battery power preventing the inconvenience of constant battery replacements after only a few months of usage.

The full aluminum doors come with a handy sliding mechanism so the door opens fully and smoothly for the safety of all sized birds.

Editor’s Choice

JVR Automatic Chicken Door

One of the few models with a bigger door than average kits, it can accommodate medium to large chickens and ducks with a programmable timer on the LCD screen.

JVR Automatic Chicken Door

The JVR Automatic Chicken Door tops the list as the editors choices because it is easy to use, fairly priced, and has a built-in safety sensor that stops the door from closing if there’s a chicken standing or sitting in the entryway.

While the standard model does not include a light sensor, it does offer aluminum manufacture to withstand most predators and won’t rust with exposure to rain and extreme cold.

Most Versatile

Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Set the timer or use a light sensor with solar power to automatically let your chickens out of the coop during the day. At night, a reflector light will let you know that the door is securely closed.

Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The Kebonnixs Automatic Coop Door is the most versatile product as it offers both battery and electrical operation of its aluminum door.

Its tough construction provides peace of mind that poultry will be protected against predators once properly enclosed.

Best Value

CO-Z 66W Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The adjustable light sensor will automatically open the coop doors at dawn and close them at dusk. The door size is 11.8 x 12.7 inches which is fairly large and can accommodate both chickens and ducks.

CO-Z 66W Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The CO-Z 66W offers the best value of the automatic chicken doors because it is well-priced and provides the convenience of remote control function.

Without any extra costs you receive two backup remote controls allowing you to manually operate the door in emergencies from more than 100 yards away.

Our Best Automatic Chicken Doors

Top Pick

ChickenGuard Waterproof Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door opener is the best overall automatic chicken coop door pick for durable and secure housing. The Extreme Model is one of the only coop doors with a self locking mechanism when birds tuck themselves away for the night.

ChickenGuard Waterproof Automatic Chicken Coop Door

ChickenGuard is a well-known brand providing a high quality automatic coop door that is constructed from tough aluminum for added security against persistent predators.

Easy Operation

The automatic door opener comes with an LCD screen making it easier to see what you’re doing while allowing complete control over programming. The fairly sized 10″x12″ metal door operates with light sensors and an adjustable timer so you can decide when it’s the right time to let your birds out.

Safety Features

Because security is a priority when it comes to housing chickens, the auto door opener is extremely durable owing to its solid metal and recycled plastic construction.

A major benefit of the Combi Premium and Extreme models is the safety feature that consists of locks on either side of the chicken coop door opener. These locks are engaged as soon as the heavy duty door is closed providing reliability and safety against possible entry by predators.


It comes with a clear LCD display to configure the settings and a light sensor that is connected to solar power so your birds only come out when the sun rises.

In winter or during extreme weather conditions when there’s very little natural light, you can manually close the door or use the adjustable timer to open and close the doors.

Power Source

The coop door operates with four AA batteries that can last up to 6 months.


  • Size 10 x 12 inches
  • Weight 4.49 lbs
  • Aluminum and plastic


  • Durable aluminum door
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Lift doors weighing 2 lbs


  • Difficult to install
  • Plastic door runner
  • Different models have different features

Best on a Budget

Run Chicken Model T50

The aluminum coop door and metal components are durable and waterproof. The durable casing protects batteries from high and low temperatures for smooth, reliable, and automatic operation.

Run Chicken Model T50

The Run Chicken T50 Model tops the budget-friendly list because it offers a range of modern and automated features, tough metal design, and ease of installation at an affordable price of less than $180.

Predator Proof

The automated door along with the opening mechanism and frame is made from aluminum to prevent predators from gaining easy access to the chicken coop. It is also waterproof and comes with a heavy-duty motor for seamless operation in rain, sunlight, snow, and dusty conditions. 

Easy Installation

The chicken coop door opener does not have complicated cables and wires and is easily installed by securing a few screws and its extension cord into reinforced fencing or a wooden coop.

Power Source

It is a battery-operated automatic door that can provide operation for up to a year without the AA batteries needing to be replaced which makes it a convenient choice.


Backyard chicken keepers may enjoy the LUX light sensor that is activated by early morning pressure from the sun. If you want more control over when your chickens are allowed in and out of their coop, you can use the adjustable timer that is part of this model.


You can use these automatic chicken coop doors outside as the batteries are concealed in a waterproof casing. There is also a test button that you can use to check that the door works smoothly and effectively.


  • Size 13.8 x 9.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Weight 2.27 lbs
  • Aluminum sliding door


  • Light sensing door
  • Full aluminum design
  • Easy installation and operation


  • Small size door
  • One year battery life
  • Poor winter performance

Editor’s Choice

JVR Automatic Chicken Door Coop

The versatile unit is compatible with both 12V DC power and 12V solar panel. When installed correctly, the programmable timer will automatically open and close the door to help you keep your chickens safely locked away.

JVR Automatic Chicken Door Coop

JVR offers a secure and heavy-duty chicken coop door opener kit to effectively manage the door opening of the chicken coop at certain times of the day. The unit comes with a control box so you can configure the settings according to your preferences. The large buttons and clear LCD monitor make it easier to operate and to program.

Timer and Sensor

The Outdoor Timer model includes a manual override so you can control when to close or open the door. This is also a handy feature if the door fails to operate the way it should.

The JVR range is also available in the light sensor model but this unit lacks the ability to customize the desired programs.

Safety Features

It comes with a safety mechanism that includes an automatic sensor so if a chicken were to stand in the doorway, it should not come down and injure the bird.

What is interesting about the JVR coop door is the linear actuator which provides an added layer of protection against intrusions by predators.

It is so tough that not even a bear can get past the door but we don’t suggest that you try to test this theory! Your chicken’s coop should always be secured against predators and the same goes for automatic doors.


  • Size 11 13/16 inches wide
  • Weight 5 lbs
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel


  • Large hinged door
  • Durable design
  • Large control panel


  • Difficult to install
  • Must change the default setting
  • Not fully weatherproof

Most Versatile 

Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The Kebonnixs has a closed-door light indicator that blinks once the hatch is securely closed. It works with a light sensor and should be visible from 100 yards away.

Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The Kebonnixs model is made from aluminum to help keep chickens secure and to prevent predators from getting in. It is a slow-moving automatic door to allow chickens enough time to get into or move out of the coop.

Because the door does not work with a direct drive opener and weighs less than 1 lb, it wouldn’t hurt a chicken if it happens to rest on one of them.

Timer and Sensor

The door works with both a light sensor and a timer so you can choose to let your chickens out with the first light or based on the timing mechanism.

Power Source

The entire coop door opener kit works with 4 AA batteries so you won’t have to be concerned with electrical connections, especially if installed outdoors.


The control panel and batteries are waterproof but you may want to keep an eye on it in extreme weather conditions.

The sliding mechanisms or runners can freeze shut so always check the chicken coop door if it appears stuck in winter.


  • Size 9.85 x 10.65 inches
  • Weight 2.2 lbs
  • Aluminum


  • Simple to program
  • Closed door LED light
  • Large LCD screen


  • Difficult to install
  • Lightweight door opener string
  • Drains battery power quickly

Best Value

CO-Z 66W Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The adjustable light sensor will let the door automatically open at dawn and close at dusk. The door size is 11.8 x 12.7 inches which is fairly large and can accommodate both chickens and ducks.

CO-Z 66W Automatic Chicken Coop Door

The CO-Z 66W Automatic Chicken Coop Door offers a sturdy design consisting of aluminum and alloy. The metal framework prevents corrosion and helps to extend the longevity of the door itself and the operational mechanisms.

Power Source and Sensor

The system operates with solar power and includes a light sensor that the door automatically opens during the day but does not come with an adjustable timer so your chickens will have to rely on daylight to exit the coop.

Safety Features

If you are concerned about your chickens getting stuck in the doorway, the safety sensor will be triggered if any birds are standing near the door. It comes with two remotes allowing you to override the automated function in an emergency. It also allows you to control the automatic door from 130 ft.

It is durable in design but will have to be monitored in extremely cold weather to ensure that the door itself and the opening mechanism do not become frozen over.

These automated doors offer the best value because it is not too expensive and it includes a highly durable construction that will withstand outdoor conditions and general wear and tear.


  • Size 11.8 x 12.7 inches
  • Weight 6.84 lbs
  • Aluminum


  • Infrared door sensor
  • Backup remotes for emergencies
  • Quick assembly


  • May freeze over
  • No adjustable timer
  • Weak light indicator

How to Choose the Best Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Automated doors can be very useful if you can’t monitor the entry and exit of your chickens from the coop in the morning and evening. It is also handy when you have to leave on vacation or personal business and you want an automated system to let your birds in and out of their chicken coop.

Things to Look for in Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

Simple Operation

A large LCD screen can help you easily check the settings without straining to view the program. Clearly labeled buttons to set the desired program are also great features when choosing simple automatic doors for the coop.

Before you buy, the following questions can help you choose a unit that works well and that you won’t find too complicated to use:

  • What are the safety features?
  • Does it have a manual override?
  • Is it easy to install?
  • Can rodents get to the wires and the chickens?
  • Does it use a remote control so you can operate it from a distance?

With these checks, you are sure to find the right type of automated door for the chicken coop.


As most of these products are installed outside, they should always be waterproof. If moisture gets into the power supply it will damage the device and cause it to cease. If you live in a frost-prone region, you’ll need to check the temperature that the system can withstand.


Not all of these doors are designed to work in freezing temperatures and you may discover frozen doors on a very cold day.

Careful consideration for the practicality of the door and its weatherproofing can help you choose a reliable model.

If you are going to install the control box inside the coop to protect it from rain and snow, the models that come with a blinking LED light could be disruptive to the chickens.

Consider alternative ways of weatherproofing the box such as building a small cover to place over it.


The door size should easily accommodate chickens without any of them having to squeeze through to get inside their coop.

A door height and width of between 11 and 13 inches would be ideal for small to large chickens as with the ChickenGuard and Runner T50 models.

Run Chicken Model T50 Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Remember that the more chickens you add to the coop, the larger the door should be so they have enough room to move in and out of the coop without injury.

Timer or Light Control

Do you want to set a specific time to control the coop door or would you prefer the door to automatically open and close at dawn and at night?

You’ll need to look for features such as an adjustable timer and light sensor on the control box depending on your preference.


When raising chickens, safety is always a significant concern. Make sure the door comes with a safety mechanism or sensor to prevent the door from coming down onto a chicken and causing severe injury.


A warranty protects you in case of defects or damage so you can return the item for a replacement or refund. A 2 to 3 year warranty is best which also reflects the quality of the product.

What are the Benefits of Automatic Chicken Coop Doors?

What is great about installing an automatic chicken coop door is that it just makes life easier!

Having your coop door to open and closed according to a schedule, whether that includes a set timer or the use of light sensors, means that you can sleep in or simply have peace of mind that your birds will be safely packed away at night or let out in the morning when you aren’t there.


Automatic chicken coop door is also meant to keep predators out by preventing raccoons or foxes from opening the door. Look for heavy-duty metal and lumber construction to prevent predator intrusions.

Who Needs an Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener?

Brown Chickens Inside Fence

These chicken coop door openers are beneficial for those who want to stay in bed in the morning and not wake at the crack of dawn to let the chickens out.

For those with disabilities who want to raise chickens, a unit with remote control functionality can help you move chickens to safety with ease. It is also helpful to get chickens safely into the coop if you have an emergency and cannot tend to them.

How Do Automatic Chicken Coop Doors Work?

Each door has a small sized motor as a power source that works by pulling the door open and then closing it with some type of automated feature or function.

Some doors work with light sensors that operate with exposure to natural light based on solar power.

Other products use a timer that is located on the control box that you can set for both morning and evening operation. You can also find doors that work with a remote but this is merely to open and close the door not to set the time.


None offer mobile operation so you’ll always adjust the operating times on the device itself.

Installation Tip

When erecting your own door, always read the instructions carefully to connect each component correctly. This can prevent unwanted surprises such as operational failure and the disaster of any risk to your flock.

Here’s a video on how to properly set up an automated chicken coop door:

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Installation

The Top Features in Automated Chicken Coop Doors


Think about the power source that the system uses. The most common power sources include battery operation, solar power and electrical.


Batteries are convenient but you’ll need to replace them every few months depending on the power consumption of the unit. Look for a low battery indicator on your next model so you never experience a problem because of flat batteries!

Solar and Electrical

Be mindful of cables when connecting the door. Both electrically and solar powered units are considered low maintenance compared to constant battery replacement.

For electrically operated kits, always check that the power cable is long enough to reach available plug points or you may need to use extension cables along with waterproofing which can become costly.

Door Weight

Consider the weight of the door and the power line when buying an automatic chicken coop door. The heavier the door, the larger the power source and the stronger the cord will have to be to lift and close it safely.


Most types of doors are made from metal because it’s durable and lasts longer than plastic. You can also find wood doors constructed from high quality lumber to withstand the elements and predator access.

Final Thoughts

I genuinely hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this review of the best automatic chicken coop doors and that you feel equipped to make an informative and valuable decision when you’re ready to purchase an automatic chicken coop door.

Be sure to consider important features such as the ease of using the control box, whether it includes a safety sensor for the protection of chickens, and the type of power source you need to operate the system.

If you still feel undecided, here’s a quick look at the top picks…

Top Pick

For an automatic door that is reliable, well-designed, and easy to use, the ChickenGuard Waterproof range certainly won’t disappoint.

Best On a Budget

If you want a cost-effective yet quality chicken coop door, then the Run Chicken T50 is for you. It includes a safety mechanism and a low battery life indicator so you can stay on top of the security of your flock.

Editors Choice

The JVR Automatic Chicken Coop Door offers both solar and electrical operation connected to a control box that is easy to use. This model comes with a safety mechanism to control the door and timer so you can schedule when to free or lock up the chickens.

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Prioritizing the safety of your chickens means giving them a secure home where they can easily and freely move in and of their coop through the day.

If you are going away or you need some more time to sleep in the morning, you can keep your birds safe with a high-quality and automatic chicken coop door.