Top 12 Best Chicken Supplies (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

Featured Image - Chicken Supplies
Featured Image – Chicken Supplies

Raising chickens is fun and rewarding but before you decide to bring your feathered friends home, it is important to have a few essential supplies on hand.

Chickens require things like feeders, nesting boxes, feed, and bedding to keep them happy, well-fed, and secure.

In this guide, we look at the best chicken supplies that every backyard flock should have so you are always prepared to raise healthy and happy chickens.

Top 12 Best Chicken Supplies

Chicken Feeder

Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

The no-spill design of this feeder will help you save on the cost of feed as it prevents wastage by chickens and stops wild birds and rodents from accessing the food.

Grandpa’s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

The automatic chicken feeder consists of stainless steel with an automatic lid that opens each time a chicken steps onto the feeder. It allows two to three birds to feed at the same time without spilling their food so your chickens never miss out on their daily nutrition. The durable construction also prevents rodents from getting into the food as they cannot get past the tough exterior.

Wild birds are known to eat and defecate in feed bowls. The automatic lid of Grandpa’s Feeders prevents the contamination of food that could lead to parasite infestations passed from wild birds to the flock.

You can purchase Grandpa’s Automatic Feeders in a few simple steps by visiting the store link above.

Nesting Box

Little Giant Single Plastic Nest Box

Laying hens prefer enclosed and dark spaces to lay their eggs. The Little Giant Nest Box provides the perfect conditions for laying hens including enclosed sides, spaciousness, and good ventilation.

Little Giant Single Plastic Nest Box

The plastic nest box can be mounted on the coop wall, owing to its lightweight plastic construction. It is sturdy enough to house one or two chickens at the same time and you’ll find that the plastic construction is simple to clean.

Because chickens will lay their eggs virtually anywhere, encouraging them to use a nest box makes life so much easier! Forget about trudging through rain and snow in search of eggs as the Little Giant Nest Box provides the ideal conditions that will have all of your chickens vying for the cozy nest.

Chicken Waterer

Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Waterer

Provide your chickens with clean water all day when you choose a high quality automatic chicken waterer. The Kebonnixs Waterers are easy to set up and maintain.

Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Waterer

The Kebonnixs Automatic Cup Waterer consists of a large plastic bucket with drinking cups that automatically refill as chickens drink from it.

These drinkers will stop your birds from tipping their bowls or losing water to evaporation in high temperatures. It is a simple and effective way to ensure they have clean drinking water all day.


It can be mounted inside or outside of wood or wire chicken coops using the accompanying metal screws or hooks. The attached drinking cups won’t leak and wet bedding that would lead to dampness and mold that are harmful to chickens.

For a robust and reliable automatic waterer, simply visit our link above.

Hardware Cloth

Garden Tailor 23 Gauge Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Whether you’re building a new chicken coop or reinforcing an existing one, the Garden Tailor Galvanized Hardware Cloth is the toughest wire mesh to use.

Garden Tailor 23 Gauge Galvanized Hardware Cloth

One of the most important supplies when keeping chickens is wire mesh. Should part of a chicken’s enclosure be damaged by predators or a storm, having hardware cloth on hand makes for quick repairs.

The galvanized steel mesh provides excellent durability to enclose chickens inside their coop. The 23 gauge steel will prevent most types of predators such as raccoons and jackals from getting into the hen house.

Save time shopping for durable and rust-resistant wire mesh by clicking our product link.

Chicken Coop

Best Choice Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop

Keep your chickens secure and happy with an all-in-one chicken coop. Constructed from natural fir wood and galvanized wire mesh, it requires little maintenance and can withstand wind, sun, and rain.

Best Choice Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop

The Best Choice Outdoor Chicken Coop is a multi-level coop that is large enough for 2-4 standard size chickens such as Rhode Island Reds or Leghorns. It comes with a ramp to the nest box so hens can comfortably lay eggs or roost for the night.

Always consider the durability of a coop before you make a purchase decision to ensure that it is secure against pests such as raccoons. The Best Choice Coop comes with locks on each access point and sturdy construction with its galvanized mesh walls to prevent predator intrusions.

You can purchase the Best Choice Outdoor Coop with free shipping when you click on our product link above.

Chicken Door

Chickenguard Automatic Door Opener

The all-in-one chicken door with sensor, control box, and no wires or cables for quick setup makes it easier to keep chickens in or let them out every morning with a programmable timer.

Chickenguard Automatic Door Opener

The Chickenguard Automatic Door Opener is a door sensor system that opens and closes according to a timer or light sensor using UV technology. The purpose of these door openers is to only release poultry from their coop at certain times of the day.

You can set the timer when you are away to automatically close the coop door so you won’t have to worry about your chickens being out of their coop and vulnerable to predators. Chickenguard includes a strong aluminum door to protect against predators such as foxes and raccoons from getting into the coop.

If you’re looking for a reliable automatic chicken door that is simple to use, you can find these products using our link above.

Spring Latch

Buyers Products Spring Latch

For the best protection against predators such as pesky raccoons, the spring latch offers a durable steel bolt with a powerful locking mechanism that can be used to secure the chicken coop, shed, and gated areas.

Buyers Products Spring Latch

The Buyers Products Spring Latch is a steel and zinc bolt with a spring mechanism designed for durability and security. Because raccoons will try to open the locks on a coop door, you should always invest in secure locks that cannot be opened or broken by such mischievous predators.

The latch is easy to install making it a suitable choice for the chicken coop. The galvanized construction ensures that it will not rust come rain or shine.

Buying a good lock is one of the most important items for securing the coop and you can easily shop for the Buyers Products Spring Latch by checking out our provided link.

Water Heater

Farm Innovators Poultry Drinker

In regions where temperatures reach the freezing point of water at 32°F or 0°C, a good water heater can really come in handy! These products are designed to prevent water from turning into ice in winter.

Farm Innovators Poultry Drinker

The Farm Innovators Poultry Drinker is a 2-gallon water bucket that comes with a 60 Watt heater. Because icy temperatures mean a bucket or a bowl of frozen water for your chickens, a water heater is a great tool to have on hand.

In snow and frost-prone regions, you’ll be delighted to have a reliable water heater because it can save time having to refill the chicken waterer when you notice that water has turned to ice.

You don’t have to look too far for a decent waterer and heater system either as we provide a quick link to the Farm Innovators Poultry Drinker above.

Chicken Book

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is a wonderful hobby but there may come a time when you need some help with a particular issue. Having the ultimate chicken book can give you sound advice when you need it most.

Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

The Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens is a complete guide to raising and managing chickens. This book is great for the novice and the more experienced chicken keeper providing detailed information on chicken health, feeding, coop setup, and rearing of both layer and meat birds.

So, if you need some advice on how to set up your coop or what to do when your birds are ill, this book is simple to understand and is well illustrated making it a pleasure to read. Every chicken owner should have a handbook offering some valuable information that you can also share with your fellow chicken enthusiasts.

You can easily find Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens in our product link.

Chicken Feed

Scratch and Peck Organic Feeds

Provide your chickens with a balanced and organic layer feed containing natural ingredients and the appropriate proportions of calcium and protein for healthy and tasty eggs.

Scratch and Peck Organic Feeds

You can’t have chickens without chicken feed! Scratch and Peck Naturally Free Organic Layer Feed provides the 16% protein feed that laying hens require.

It is certified organic which means that organic fertilizers and natural manufacturing are incorporated without synthetic chemicals and preservatives that could be harmful to chickens.


The balanced nutrients in this chicken feed ensure healthy eggs, shiny feathers, strong bones, and strong chickens! Available as crumbles, pellets, or a layer mash you can determine the type of feed that is best for your flock.

Purchase your organic layer chicken feed quickly and easily using the provided link.

Chicken Ointment

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Wound and Skin Care

The antimicrobial wound and skin care treatment comes in a convenient spray bottle to quickly and easily clean wounds on chickens.

Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Wound and Skin Care

The Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Wound and Skin Care range is a pet-friendly disinfectant that comes in a spray bottle. It keeps wounds clean to encourage faster healing by preventing infection. The spray application also makes it easy to apply to wounds without leaving a sticky residue that dirt could adhere to.

Treating Injuries

When it comes to raising chickens, injuries such as a wound caused by pecking, an insect bite, or condition such as Bumblefoot, which is caused by an infection in the foot of the chicken, can be effectively treated.

As one of the must-have items for the coop, you can purchase the disinfectant spray using our product link.

Egg Candler

Magicfly Candler

You can determine which of the eggs collected from your flock have been fertilized or are no longer viable and healthy by using an egg candler.

Magicfly Candler

The Magicfly Candler is a sturdy and reliable egg candler helping you to view the inside of eggs. These supplies are great for those who have a mixed flock of hens and roosters or are incubating eggs to hatch. By holding the eggs to the candler you can determine whether the eggs are fertilized quickly and easily.

Candlers can also help to check the eggs without causing damage to the embryo as a cool LED light is used that won’t heat the egg.

To help you separate fertilized from unfertilized eggs, you can purchase the Magicfly Candler in our product link above.

Importance of Chicken Supplies

Chicken Being Held
Chicken Being Held

Keeping a list of essential chicken supplies on hand will help you tend to the safety, well-being, and general care of your flock.


Items such as feed, waterers, feeders, and a complete coop will satisfy the basic needs of chickens.

Supplies such as a water heater can prevent water from freezing in winter while an egg candler will help you check for fertilized eggs especially if you’re incubating eggs.


To improve the security of chickens, poultry supplies such as spring latches, automatic doors, and hardware cloth are effective against predators that could easily wipe out an entire flock.

The chicken supplies that we’ve mentioned in this guide will provide the tools that you need to raise healthy chickens by improving their security, comfort, and their health.

What Chicken Supplies Do I Need Before Getting Chickens?

The first thing you need before getting chickens is a chicken coop. Chickens need a secure place to sleep at night and they should be protected against harsh weather conditions and predators.


A solid wood coop with galvanized mesh walls and a solid spring latch will prevent predators from getting into the coop.

Nesting Box

If you are getting laying hens, they’ll need a nesting box such as the Little Giant Single Plastic Nest Box. It can be wall-mounted with screws and provides hens with a secure and private space to lay their eggs.

Once you have set up a coop and nest boxes for hens, you’ll need a feeder to hold their pellets or grains and a waterer to give them access to freshwater throughout the day.

Chicken Feeder

Because chickens tip their food and water bowls, it is best to invest in a chicken feeder that can’t be knocked over. Feeders are also designed with a lid to prevent rodents or wild birds from accessing the food. This way chickens can safely consume their feed and receive the daily nutrition that they need.

Don’t forget to purchase their feed so that they have something to eat when they arrive at their new home! Buying chicken feed before housing your birds also gives you time to compare products and decide which one offers nutrition, quality, and affordability.


It is a good idea to have a wound disinfectant on hand in case of sudden injuries such as a cut, graze, or minor skin infection so you can treat birds without delay.

This can prevent wounds from becoming infected and worsening to the point that your chicken will require veterinary attention.

What Chicken Supplies Do Coops Need?

Chickens Roosting On Wooden Fence
Chickens Roosting On Wooden Fence

Every coop needs a secure door and latch to prevent predators from getting inside. Hardware cloth is another handy extra to help you reinforce the coop against raccoons, foxes, and even rats (provided you use a ¼ inch mesh wire openings that rodents and wild birds cannot pass through).

Essential Supplies

A chicken coop should also have a feeder and waterer so that birds have constant access to food and water. There are different types of feeders but the most effective feeder has a no-spill design with a lid to prevent feed waste.

A chicken run can also be attached to the coop using hardware cloth or galvanized mesh. The purpose of a run is to provide exercise for chickens outside of their coop environment but in the safety of their run so they’re protected against predators.

Additional supplies that should be included in a chicken coop:

  • Nesting box
  • Roosting bar
  • Nesting materials/bedding such as straw for insulation

Once the coop is prepared, you can confidently house your chickens knowing that you have everything to tend to their needs.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for chickens requires the right choice of chicken supplies. Once you’ve met their basic needs, it will give you peace of mind that your flock will be safe, comfortable, and healthy.

Some of the best chicken supplies that should be a part of every chicken coop include feed, feeders, waterers, bedding, and a secure coop. If you have laying hens then a layer feed such as Scratch and Peck Organic Feed will provide the protein, calcium, and nutrients that they need for healthy eggs.

Try A Chicken Book

Along with basic supplies for the general care of chickens, consider a chicken book. Even the most experienced chicken keepers need help or advice at some stage and a chicken book offers a fantastic resource. With a detailed guide on hand such as Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens, it can help you with everything from egg production to setting up a coop.

Feel Free To Share!

We truly hope that our checklist of the best chicken supplies will help you provide for and care for your flock with ease. Please feel free to share this guide with your friends and family who plan on raising chickens too. With the right supplies on hand, you’ll experience the never-ending joys of raising chickens.