Can Chickens Eat Bread? A Comprehensive Guide

A Close-Up View of Plain Bread

Article Summary

  • Feeding chickens small amounts of plain bread made from whole wheat or multigrain flour is generally safe.
  • Avoid processed sandwich bread with preservatives, added sugars, oils, seeds, and fruits.
  • Feed bread separately from main meals to avoid displacing nutrient-rich foods, and always provide plenty of fresh water.

Bread has long been a staple food for humans, but can our feathered friends enjoy it too? Feeding your backyard chickens bread may seem like a convenient way to use up leftovers. However, not all breads are created equal when it comes to chicken treats.

Is it Safe for Chickens to Eat Bread?

Eating small amounts of bread will not harm chickens. Plain bread made from wheat or multigrain flour is generally considered safe. Just like humans though, moderation is key. Bread should be an occasional snack, not a mainstay of a chicken’s diet. Too much can lead to obesity and other health issues.

What are the Benefits of Bread for Chickens?

In small doses, bread offers some nutritional value for chickens. The wheat provides some protein, carbohydrates, and B vitamins.

Sharing scraps is a way to bond with your flock and train chicks…

Chickens also seem to relish bread’s sweet taste and soft texture. Sharing scraps is a way to bond with your flock and train chicks. Just be sure to tear the bread into bite-sized pieces first.

What Type of Bread Can Chickens Eat?

Plain loaves made from whole wheat or multigrain flour are ideal. Sourdough, French, Italian, and other rustic breads are also fine in moderation. Avoid processed sandwich bread with preservatives, plus breads with added sugars, oils, seeds, and fruits, which can upset a chicken’s stomach.

A Close-Up of Baguette
A Close-Up of Baguette

Can Chickens Eat Moldy Bread?

It’s best to avoid moldy bread. Some molds produce mycotoxins that can make chickens sick. If you wouldn’t eat that fuzzy slice yourself, do not feed it to your flock. Stick to fresh loaves and watch for spoilage in warm weather.

How Much Bread Can Chickens Eat?

Feed bread sparingly, no more than once a week as a treat. Chickens should not get more than 10% of calories from treats.


For 3-5 adult birds, serve a couple slices of torn up bread once or twice a week. Adjust amounts for flocks of different sizes.

How to Feed Bread to Your Chickens

Toss handfuls of torn up bread into the run so birds cannot hoard pieces. This allows even timid chickens to get their share. Scatter the bread out to prevent fighting. Feed bread separately from main meals so it does not displace nutrient-rich foods. Always provide plenty of fresh water too.

Can Baby Chicks Eat Bread?

Baby chicks under 12 weeks old should not eat bread. Their digestive systems are too immature. Instead provide chicks with a quality starter feed. Once chicks reach adulthood around 18-20 weeks old, they can start enjoying bread as an occasional snack alongside their layer feed.

Cochin Hen with Chicks
Cochin Hen with Chicks

In summary, this human food makes a fine supplemental treat for backyard chickens. Stick to regular whole grain loaves and avoid anything with add-ins. Feed just a small amount 1-2 times weekly. With common sense, your flock can safely peck at bread scraps without endangering their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to feed bread to chickens?

Yes, it is generally okay to feed small amounts of bread to chickens occasionally. However, it should not constitute a significant portion of their diet as it lacks essential nutrients.

Can chickens eat flatbread?

Yes, chickens can eat flatbread in moderation. Flatbread, like other bread types, should be given as a treat and not as a primary food source to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet for the chickens.

Can chickens eat bread every day?

No, it is not advisable to feed chickens bread every day. While they can consume small amounts as a treat, a daily diet of bread lacks the necessary nutrients for their overall health and may lead to nutritional imbalances.

Can I feed my chickens white bread?

Yes, you can feed chickens white bread occasionally. However, it’s crucial to remember that white bread offers limited nutritional value, so it should be given sparingly alongside a well-balanced diet.

Can baby chickens eat bread?

It’s not recommended to feed baby chickens bread. Young chicks have specific dietary requirements for growth, and their diet should primarily consist of high-quality chick feed formulated to meet their nutritional needs. Introducing bread too early may compromise their development.