Can Chickens Eat Noodles? A Comprehensive Guide

Uncooked Instant Noodles

Article Summary

  • Plain noodles are generally safe for chickens in moderation, providing carbohydrates, calories, and a small amount of protein.
  • Benefits of noodles for chickens include energy, small protein amounts, calcium in egg noodles, and an interesting texture and taste.
  • Risks include a lack of essential nutrients, choking hazards from long noodles, digestive issues, and potential obesity.

Chickens can be fed a wide variety of human foods as treats or supplemental feed. Noodles are one such food that many chicken owners wonder about. Can chickens eat noodles? Are noodles good for chickens or could they cause digestive issues? Read on for a detailed guide on whether chickens can eat different types of noodles.

Is it Safe for Chickens to Eat Noodles?

In general, plain noodles are safe for chickens to eat in moderation. Noodles provide carbohydrates and calories for energy. Some types also offer a small amount of protein.

However, noodles are not an ideal staple food for chickens. They lack the balanced nutrition that a complete chicken feed provides. Noodles should only be an occasional treat, not a dietary staple.

Noodles should only be an occasional treat, as they are not an ideal staple food…

It’s important to feed chickens noodles plain, without added salt, spices or oil. Seasonings and fats can cause digestive upset. Stick to plain noodles for the healthiest treat.

Are Noodles Good For Chickens? Benefits vs Risks

Noodles offer energy, but lack vitamins, minerals and protein essential for chicken health. As an infrequent snack, they can add variety to your flock’s diet. But noodles should never completely replace a good quality complete feed.

Potential benefits of plain noodles for chickens include:

  • Energy from carbohydrates
  • Small amounts of protein
  • Calcium in egg noodles
  • Interesting texture and taste.

Potential risks include:

  • Lack of nutrients chickens need daily
  • Choking hazard from long noodles
  • Digestive issues if chickens eat too much
  • Obesity from too many carbohydrates


As an occasional snack, noodles are fine for most healthy chickens. Avoid overfeeding them or allowing access to seasoned noodles.

What Type of Noodles Can Chickens Eat?

Pasta Noodles

Plain pasta noodles, such as spaghetti, penne or farfalle, are safe for chickens. Opt for whole grain or veggie noodles to provide extra nutrition. Break long noodles into bite sized pieces first.

Rice Noodles and Ramen

Plain rice noodles or ramen noodles are also safe in moderation. Avoid any seasoned, flavored or instant noodles containing salt, MSG or chemicals.

Ramen in a White Bowl With Chopsticks
Ramen in a White Bowl

Chow Mein and Lo Mein

Stir fry noodles such as chow mein or lo mein should be plain. Avoid noodles from take-out or restaurants, as they likely contain salt, oil and other seasonings.

Egg Noodles

Egg noodles provide extra protein and calcium from the egg. They make a nutritious treat if fed occasionally.

Konjac Noodles

Konjac noodles (made from konjac root) are low calorie and provide fiber. This makes them a healthier option than wheat or egg noodles.

Can Chickens Eat Spicy Noodles?

It’s best to avoid feeding chickens noodles with added spices, such as cajun, chili or curry flavored. Spicy seasonings can irritate chickens’ sensitive digestive systems and cause stomach upset.

If you want to offer some flavor, add a small dash of chicken-safe herbs or spices to plain noodles. Garlic powder, oregano, basil and thyme are good options.

Can Chickens Eat Seasoned Noodles?

In general, chickens are better off eating plain, unseasoned noodles. Added salt, butter, oils and flavorings common in seasoned noodle mixes could lead to health issues if chickens consume them regularly.

That said, a few bites of seasoned noodles on occasion won’t harm most chickens. Just don’t make it a frequent habit.

Can Baby Chicks Eat Noodles?

Baby chicks under 4-6 weeks old should not eat noodles. A chick’s digestive system is too delicate to handle complex carbs at this age.

Once chicks are 6-8 weeks or older, you can offer them a few small, plain noodle pieces along with their starter feed. But noodles should never be a substantial part of a growing chick’s diet.

How to Prepare and Feed Noodles Safely

When preparing noodles for your flock, follow these tips:

  • Cook noodles plain without added salt, oil or seasonings
  • Rinse cooked noodles with water to remove excess starch
  • Chop long noodles into bite size pieces to prevent choking
  • Allow noodles to cool completely before feeding to avoid crop burns
  • Limit noodles to a few times a week or less as an occasional treat
  • Supervise chickens when feeding noodles to prevent arguments or overeating
Jersey Giant Chickens Pecking and Scratching the Ground
Jersey Giant Chickens Pecking and Scratching the Ground

Chickens can be fed various table foods with some common sense precautions. So, noodles can be a fun and safe supplemental snack for backyard chickens. Provide noodles in moderation along with their complete feed for happy, healthy birds. Monitor your flock while offering noodles and discontinue use if any chickens develop diarrhea or other digestive upset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are noodles safe for chickens?

Yes, noodles are generally safe for chickens to consume in moderation. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the noodles are plain, without any seasoning, additives, or sauces that may be harmful to chickens.

Can chickens eat chicken noodle soup?

While plain noodles are safe, it’s advisable to avoid feeding chickens chicken noodle soup. The soup often contains ingredients like onions, garlic, and spices that can be harmful to chickens. Stick to plain cooked noodles for their safety.

Can chickens eat noodles every day?

Chickens can eat noodles occasionally as part of a varied diet, but it’s not recommended to feed them noodles every day. A well-balanced diet for chickens includes a mix of grains, vegetables, and protein sources to meet their nutritional needs.

Are noodles good for chickens?

Noodles can be a source of energy for chickens due to their carbohydrate content. However, they should be offered as a treat and not constitute the primary component of their diet. A balanced and nutritionally rich chicken feed is essential for their overall health.

Can chickens eat uncooked noodles?

Chickens should not be given uncooked noodles. Raw noodles may be difficult for chickens to digest, and the cooking process helps make them more palatable and easier for chickens to consume. Stick to feeding chickens cooked noodles to ensure their safety and well-being.