Can Chickens Eat SCOBY? Unlocking the Benefits of Scoby Nutrition

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Article Summary

  • Chickens can safely eat scoby (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), a byproduct of the kombucha fermentation process.
  • The scoby can be fed to chickens in various forms, including raw, dried, or as scoby jerky.
  • Baby chickens can also eat scoby, but it’s advisable to wait until they are at least 6-8 weeks old and to monitor their response closely.

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that has become quite popular in recent years due to its purported health benefits. The kombucha fermentation process produces a rubbery disk called a scoby, which stands for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.” This scoby is filled with beneficial probiotics and acids. But what about feeding scoby to chickens – is it safe and can they eat it?

Is It Safe For Chickens To Eat Scoby?

The good news is yes, chickens can safely eat scoby. The scoby is made up of cellulose and contains many nutrients that are beneficial for chickens such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. In fact, many chicken keepers report feeding their chickens scoby with great results.

The high nutrient content in the scoby provides chickens with an excellent supplement to their normal feed. The probiotics and enzymes help promote good gut health and digestion in the chickens. The vitamins and minerals provide added nutrition.


When feeding scoby to chickens, it’s best to start with small amounts to allow their digestive system to adjust. Mix in bits of chopped-up or torn scoby with their regular feed.

Can Chickens Eat Kombucha Scoby?

Specifically, chickens can eat the scoby byproduct from brewing kombucha. The kombucha scoby may be fed raw or dried. Many people dry out and dehydrate spare kombucha scobys to create scoby jerky for their chickens.

When drying the scoby, simply place the disk on a baking sheet and bake at a very low temperature until dried out completely. The end result will be a chewy, leather-like texture that chickens love.

SCOBY is safe for chickens because it does not contain caffeine like the original kombucha tea liquid…

The scoby is safe for chickens to eat because it does not contain caffeine like the original kombucha tea liquid. The fermentation process eliminates most of the caffeine found in the initial sweetened tea.

How To Feed Scoby To Chickens?

Here are some tips for feeding scoby to chickens:

  • Break or cut the scoby into smaller pieces to make it easier for the chickens to eat. Scoby can be rubbery and hard to tear apart.
  • Mix bits of scoby in with their regular feed. Start with small amounts and gradually increase.
  • Place dried scoby pieces in their feed tray or scatter around the chicken run for them to peck at.
  • Put fresh scoby pieces in a treat ball that chickens have to peck at and roll around to get the pieces out. This provides entertainment!
  • Limit feeding scoby to once or twice a week. Too much can cause loose droppings.
  • Always provide plenty of fresh water when feeding scoby to help digestion.
  • Remove any uneaten scoby pieces within a day to prevent spoilage.

Can Baby Chickens Eat Scoby?

Baby chicks can also benefit from eating scoby. However, their digestive systems are quite delicate when they are very young. Hold off on feeding scoby until chicks are at least 6-8 weeks old.

At this age, bits of dried or chopped up scoby can be fed to them safely. Make the pieces extra small for the baby chicks. Introduce it slowly mixed in with their starter feed.

Scoby provides protein and beneficial probiotics for development and growth. Just monitor closely and remove any pieces not eaten right away.

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In summary, chickens both big and small can safely enjoy scoby as an occasional supplement. The kombucha byproduct provides a nutritious boost to their diet when fed in moderation. Chickens benefit from the nutrients, vitamins and probiotics. Both fresh and dried scoby can be fed with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed my SCOBY to chickens?

Yes, you can feed your SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) to chickens. Chickens can benefit from the probiotics present in the SCOBY, promoting gut health and aiding digestion. However, it’s recommended to cut the SCOBY into smaller pieces to make it easier for the chickens to consume.

Can chickens eat SCOBY kombucha?

Chickens can eat SCOBY from kombucha. The SCOBY is a byproduct of the fermentation process and is rich in beneficial bacteria. When chickens consume SCOBY kombucha, they receive probiotics that can enhance their digestive health. It’s advisable to introduce small amounts initially and monitor their response.

Can I feed old SCOBY to chickens?

Yes, you can feed old SCOBY to chickens. While the SCOBY loses some of its fermenting ability over time, it remains a nutritious treat for chickens. Ensure the SCOBY is clean, free from any harmful additives, and consider cutting it into smaller pieces to make it more manageable for the chickens to consume. With any human food introduced to chickens, do it gradually and observe how your chickens respond to ensure it suits their digestive system.

What are the benefits of feeding chickens SCOBY?

Feeding chickens SCOBY can offer notable benefits. The live bacteria in SCOBY act as probiotics, promoting optimal gut health and aiding digestion. Additionally, SCOBY is rich in nutrients like B-vitamins and organic acids, contributing to overall health and vitality in chickens.

The probiotics may enhance immunity, and the enzymes produced during fermentation can assist in digestion. Introducing SCOBY into the chickens’ diet in moderation provides a palatable treat, offering variety and potential health advantages. Always ensure the SCOBY is clean and cut it into smaller pieces for easy consumption.