Can Chickens Eat Tortillas? Guide to Tasty Occasional Treats

Tortilla Chips in a Basket

Article Summary

  • Chickens can safely eat tortillas in moderation, as they are non-toxic and most chickens enjoy the taste.
  • Feeding guidelines include tearing tortillas into smaller pieces for easier consumption, removing any uneaten pieces promptly, and offering fresh water alongside tortilla snacks.
  • Baby chicks can also enjoy tortillas once they are 2-3 weeks old and eating starter feed, with the same guidelines of moderation and using small, easily manageable pieces.

Have you ever wondered if you could share your tasty tortilla treats with your feathered friends in the coop? Tortillas make a convenient snack or meal for us humans, but are they safe and healthy for chickens too?

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about feeding tortillas to chickens. We’ll cover what tortillas are, look at the benefits and risks of feeding them, and provide tips on how and how often to offer tortillas to your flock.

A Crash Course on Tortillas

First, let’s start with the basics – what exactly is a tortilla? Tortillas are a staple food in Mexican cuisine and popular throughout many regions of the world. They are thin, flatbreads made from stone ground corn or wheat flour.

The most common varieties are corn and flour tortillas. Corn tortillas have a slightly sweeter flavor and are gluten free. Flour tortillas contain gluten and have a softer texture than corn. Both make a tasty, carb-rich food for humans.

Tortillas can be served soft or crispy as tacos, wraps, chips and more. Their versatility makes them an appetizing snack for us – but are they a hit with chickens too?

Can Chickens Safely Eat Tortillas?

The simple answer is yes! Tortillas are non-toxic for chickens and most love the taste. Both corn and flour tortillas can be fed to chickens without issue. However, moderation is key.

Both corn and flour tortillas can be fed to chickens…

Tortillas should only be an occasional treat, not a daily staple in your chickens’ diet. They are high in carbohydrates and low in nutrients. While the carbs provide energy, chickens need a balanced diet with higher protein.

Some things to keep in mind when feeding tortillas:

  • Avoid seasoned tortillas with added salt, spices or sugar. These can be unhealthy for chickens. Stick to plain tortillas.
  • Tear tortillas into smaller pieces so they are easier for chickens to eat.
  • Remove any uneaten tortilla pieces within a few hours to prevent spoilage.

As long as you follow these tips, tortillas are a safe, approved snack for backyard chickens!

Do Tortillas Offer Any Health Benefits for Chickens?

Tortillas don’t provide as much nutritional value as grains, vegetables, fruits or proteins. However, they do offer a few advantages:

  • Energy: The carbohydrates in tortillas give chickens an energy boost. This can be helpful on cold winter days when chickens need extra calories to keep warm.
  • Treat enjoyment: Chickens love foods like tortillas as an occasional indulgence. It gives them something different from their regular feed and stimulates natural foraging behaviors.
  • Hydration: Corn tortillas in particular contain moisture. This can help keep chickens hydrated on hot summer days if they aren’t drinking enough water.


While tortillas shouldn’t be a dietary staple, they do provide some benefits in moderation. The main perk is that it gives your flock something fun and different to nibble on!

Can Chickens Enjoy Leftover Taco Bell?

We know chickens go crazy for tortillas – but what about leftover fast food tacos from Taco Bell? Unfortunately, Taco Bell is not recommended for backyard chickens.

Seasoned beef, beans, cheese and other taco fillings are too high in fat, salt and spices for chickens. These ingredients can upset their digestion or pose other health risks if they eat taco meat or fillings.

The hard taco shells from fast food chains are also too difficult for chickens to break down and may splinter in their crops. Soft flour tortillas from Taco Bell are safest if you want to offer a small piece. But avoid any seasoned fillings or hard taco shells.

Best Practices For Feeding Tortillas to Chickens

Meaty Taco on a Plate
Meaty Taco on a Plate

If you want to treat your flock to some tortillas, follow these tips:

  • Use plain, unseasoned tortillas – Corn or flour is fine. Avoid any added salt, sugar or spices.
  • Tear into smaller pieces – Rip or cut tortillas into bite-sized shreds for easier eating.
  • Feed tortillas in moderation – No more than 1-2 times per week as an occasional snack.
  • Provide fresh, clean water – Ensure chickens have access to water to wash down dry tortilla pieces.
  • Remove uneaten tortillas – Take away any leftovers within a few hours to prevent mold or bacteria growth.
  • Store tortillas properly – Keep unused tortillas in an airtight bag or container until ready to serve.

Following these guidelines will allow you to share tortillas with chickens safely while giving them a fun and tasty treat!

Can Baby Chicks Have Tortillas Too?

Once chicks are 2-3 weeks old and eating starter feed, they can also enjoy nibbling on torn up tortilla pieces. The same feeding guidelines apply: only plain, unseasoned tortillas in moderation.

Make sure tortilla pieces are very small and easy for delicate chick beaks to manage. Offer just a few shreds at a time. Remove any uneaten bits promptly.

It’s also wise to wait until chicks are 4-6 weeks old before introducing new treats. Their digestive systems are quite delicate when they’re younger than 4 weeks. But once they’re established on starter feed, tortillas make a fine supplemental snack.

The verdict? Yes, tortillas can be part of a balanced diet for backyard chickens and growing chicks. When fed properly and in moderation, tortillas are a safe treat chickens love. Just be mindful of each bird’s health, serve tortillas occasionally, and take care in storage and preparation.

Young Chicks Feeding
Young Chicks Feeding

With these tips, you can feel good about sharing a few tortilla strips with your flock. Enjoy watching your chickens happily gobble up this tasty snack!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can chickens eat tortillas every day?

Chickens can consume tortillas occasionally, but it’s not recommended to make them a daily staple. While tortillas can be a source of carbohydrates, chickens require a diverse diet for optimal health. Feeding them a well-balanced mix of grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables is essential. Moderation is key to prevent nutritional imbalances and ensure the overall well-being of your chickens.

Can chickens eat hard taco shells?

Feeding hard taco shells to chickens is not advisable. Taco shells are often made with ingredients like salt, spices, and oils that may not be suitable for poultry. Additionally, the hard texture may pose a choking hazard. It’s better to stick to feeding chickens a diet that aligns with their nutritional needs, focusing on poultry feed and natural foods that contribute to their health.

Are tortillas safe for chickens?

Tortillas can be safe for chickens when offered in moderation. However, they should not be a primary or daily food source. It’s crucial to provide a balanced diet that includes poultry feed along with a variety of grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Always ensure that the tortillas are plain and free from potentially harmful additives. Monitoring your chickens’ health and consulting with a poultry veterinarian can help ensure they receive the nutrition they need while avoiding potential risks.