Top 3 Chicken Diapers For Your Chickens (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

The idea of a chicken wearing a diaper may seem like something out of a cartoon, but did you know that it is actually a great solution to get your hens in the house?

As the trend in urban chicken keeping continues to rise, more people are raising hens to be free range inside their homes.

But because chickens poop everywhere (and I mean everywhere!), the easiest and most hygienic solution is legitimately a chicken diaper!

If you want to keep your pet chickens inside, let’s explore how chicken diapers can let you just enjoy your chooks and prevent the mess.

The Best 3 Chicken Diapers for the Home or Backyard

Top Pick

Louise’s Country Closet Polka Dots Chicken Diaper

Stylish and designed for all-day comfort. A hygienic solution to support an injured or ill chicken.

Louise’s Country Closet Polka Dots Chicken Diaper

To have your chickens as pets in your home, Louise’s Country Closet Chicken Diapers can make it easier to manage their mess.

It is better to place on your chicken a comfortable diaper that you know will keep fecal matter contained and all birds clean.


Louise’s Country Closet is one hygienic solution to support an injured or ill chicken. It can keep featherless or damaged rears from being exposed to a dirty backyard environment as they heal.

Not only do I like the stretch and the adjustable straps of this range, but also the interesting colors and patterns that each bird would model.

Best Disposable Chicken Diapers

ZUKIBO Pet Chicken Diapers

A diaper that is unique and simple to use. Made of comfortable materials and have stylish designs.

ZUKIBO Pet Chicken Diapers

Zukibo has created a diaper range that is unique and simple to use. What I like about these diapers is the option to keep it on your chicken throughout the day or to dispose of it when hens poop too much!


By placing the Zukibo diaper on your pet chicken, you can help them recover from injuries. I’d say from personal experience that it’s well worth the effort to keep them clean.


Zukibo is a new diaper range that is worn across the chest and the rear end.

It may take some time to figure out how to secure the diaper, and your chicken may not allow you to adjust it correctly without a fight!

Best Baby Chicken Diapers

Pranovo Pet Diaper

An affordable diaper ideal for bringing an outdoor chicken indoors and without the stress of cleaning up poop throughout your home.

Pranovo Pet Diaper

Pravano makes our recommended diaper range for young chickens because of its softness, simplicity, and cute design.

Easily keep your baby chicken close by putting a stylish diaper on and raising them inside your house.

The Pranovo diapers are available in a variety of sizes and cater to smaller hens, ducklings, and goslings.


I really like the way these diapers fit the smaller chicken breeds.

It has an elastic band with a buckle that is easily secured over the back and rear.


Many people reuse these diapers.

When it does get soiled, change and wash it to keep your hen or rooster clean all day long.

The Pranovo Pet Nappy Cloth is soft and lightweight, so I know your chickens won’t be too bothered wearing them!

The Most Popular Chicken Diapers

Here are the full reviews of all the chicken diapers in the lineup…

Louise’s Country Closet Polka Dots Chicken Diaper

Stylish and designed for all-day comfort. A hygienic solution to support an injured or ill chicken.

Louise’s Country Closet Polka Dots Chicken Diaper

Louise’s Country Chicken Diaper is stylish and designed for all-day comfort. The diaper cloth is available in small, medium, and extra large.

It is suited to breeds such as orpingtons, cochins, and silkies, and some good news is that even roosters can wear these diapers!


This range of polka-dot chicken nappies includes a strap and a criss-cross design to snugly cover the back of the bird.

The V-shape is designed to fit around the bird’s tail. It’s also adjustable so you can maximize much of their comfort and mobility. For pet chickens left to roam around the house, it’s an easy way to prevent the mess of chicken poop!


An ill chicken can also wear this one when kept indoors.

Even crated chickens can wear it to prevent the spread of fecal matter. Louise’s Country Closet Chicken Diaper is easy to clean, and the diaper comes with a built-in waterproof liner.

There is enough room inside the diaper to use an absorbent pad if you are concerned about mess seeping through.

Prevent Mess

Whether you wish to place your pet chicken inside the house or you need a quick and easy solution to protect a recovering or sick chicken, you can use Louise’s Country range on both hens and roosters.


  • Design: V-shape with criss-cross straps
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Waterproof: Waterproof liner


  • Easy to use and secure on your chicken
  • Soft cloth material and adjustable for the comfort of pets


  • Not suitable for extra large chicken breeds
  • Only made for chickens not ducks or geese

Best Disposable Chicken Diapers

ZUKIBO Pet Chicken Diapers

A diaper that is unique and simple to use. Made of comfortable materials and have stylish designs.

ZUKIBO Pet Chicken Diapers

Zukibo has created a unique range of chicken, duck, and goose diapers, ranging from medium to large.

While not designed for many smaller breeds, the range will fit across the chest and around the rear-end of a large bird.


For a young goose, duck, or adult chicken, the diaper will contain poop.

If you are keeping sick pets indoors or confined to a crate, the diaper can prevent the spread of fecal matter around the feathers.

Zukibo has included liners to well protect against leaks and messes.


Be sure to choose the right size in order to prevent poop from spreading across your home. 

When chickens need to be kept clean, you can get the Zukibo diaper for poultry in many styles.

The brand introduces some appealing fabric patterns and colors, ensuring your hens, roosters, or geese look stylish while wearing it! The Zukibo range consists of a soft material for comfort.


Most that wear the apron-like design will try to scratch and bite at the material.

The Zukibo diaper can be awkward for a chicken to wear, as it’s placed across the chest and not over the back.


  • Awkward design may be difficult for birds to wear
  • Only available for larger fowl


  • Variety of patterns and colors
  • Adjustable for improved fit
  • Can be used with cotton pads


  • Awkward design may be difficult for birds to wear
  • Only available for larger fowl

Best Baby Chicken Diapers

Pranovo Pet Diaper

An affordable diaper ideal for bringing an outdoor chicken indoors and without the stress of cleaning up poop throughout your home.

Pranovo Pet Diaper

If you are looking for a snug fit diaper that is also fun and quirky in design, then Pranovo is the way to go!

This nappy cloth is ideal for bringing an outdoor chicken indoors and without the stress of cleaning up poop throughout your home.


These products come at an affordable price, and it also doesn’t take much to clean or change.Pranovo caters to people who want to have their pet chicken in their home. Hens and roosters that would usually cause a mess everywhere could become wonderful home companions without much fuss!


Pranovo includes elastic straps with a criss-cross design, placed over the back of the chicken.

When you are buying a chicken diaper, determine whether it is adjustable, as the option to adjust the straps will make every bird feel more comfortable.

From its stylish designs to its soft material, you will find that putting the diaper on your chicken is simple.


Pranovo has created an H-shape which cups around the tail and doesn’t constrict the bird. If you have one chicken or rooster that is injured or ill, consider putting them in the house by using a new diaper.

With a waterproof liner and its washable material, your chicken can spend all their time safely recovering in the house.


  • Design: Straps with H-shaped cup
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Waterproof: Internal liner


  • Adjustable elastic strap with a buckle for comfort.
  • A variety of unique styles to choose from.
  • Washable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Can be used with baby ducks and geese


  • Thin material
  • May be difficult to put on a chicken

What You Need to Know About Chicken Diapers

Carrying Chicken Wearing a Diaper
Carrying Chicken Wearing a Diaper

As more people are enjoying the quirkiness and curiosity of a pet chicken, the only problem that needs resolving is effective poop management!

Chickens love to be near their keepers and if not foraging in the backyard, they are sure to follow you straight into the house.

Now you can avoid spending half your day cleaning the floors!

To help you choose the right diapers for your flock, we look at the reasons you would choose them—and how to use them!

What are Chicken Diapers for?

When you want your chickens to be a part of the home but the constant pooping is getting in the way of enjoying their company, it’s important to find a solution quick.

There are some keepers who use customized nappies, while others use new ones that would be adjustable to fit chickens of different sizes.

The purpose is to keep chickens and floors inside the house clean and poop free.

What Do You Use Chicken Diapers for?

The chicken nappy can be used for raising chickens, ducks, and geese inside the house. You get to have them close by and without the endless poop that our feathered friends are known to produce!

If you are looking for one sure way to keep the pooping at bay, then pet nappies are the answer.

Apart from the need to keep your house clean, a diaper can support a hen in recovery.


  • First, it will prevent confined or ailing chickens from soiling themselves and getting fecal matter in their feathers.
  • Secondly, it helps a hen recover after a rear-end attack whether from predators or other chickens.

One thing I know is that I love to spend time relaxing in my backyard while watching my chickens scurry about.

I would often think about inviting them in but the idea of blobs everywhere stopped me from letting them venture into the house.

I wish I had known about diapers for chickens a lot sooner!

Not the Usual

Today, diapering a bird may seem like a funny thing, but it is a great way to have your chooks close, all without the mess!

If you like the idea of diapering your chooks, you can learn more about using nappies and how to clean them.

How Do Chicken Diapers Work?

How to Diaper a Chicken

These products consist of a cloth with straps.

You can put the cloth bottoms on the back of the chicken while ensuring the rear is covered. Most diapers have a pouch to contain the poop and keep it away from the rear.

The diaper will keep chickens comfortable and prevent leakage.

Proper Fit

You can figure out the perfect fit for your hen or rooster by measuring their circumference. If it isn’t fitting properly, it could spell disaster in your house!

To encourage your chicken to spend more time in its nappy, you can entice him or her with treats.

Be kind and gentle when you secure the nappy cloth for them for the first time. This prevents them from getting scared.


Diapers can be custom made, or you can find a new store-based product that is both comfortable and stylish.

Who Makes the Best Chicken Diapers?

Many swear by the convenience of uniquely made nappies.

This would certainly be costlier compared to a store bought product!

To make customized diapers, you would need the precise measurements of chickens, material, buckles or elasticated straps for adjustment, and much-needed patience!

Whether customized or not, choose the range you know will provide comfort and cleanliness well.


With much needed research and comparisons of the different features, you can find a range of diapers that many chickens will wear with pride.

What to Look for in Chicken Diapers

Chicken In a Coop Wearing Blue Diaper
Chicken In a Coop Wearing Blue Diaper

The better quality materials will have an inner waterproof lining and much needed space to place an absorbent cotton pad.

Remember, pet birds poop often and cannot wear one diaper throughout the day.

Change the diapers regularly over the course of the day to prevent bacteria from accumulating inside the pouch.

Even roosters can wear diapers.

Proper Fit

Simply find the correct fit and put it on the bird in a gentle and non-threatening manner.

It shouldn’t take you much time to put a diaper on a chicken.

By adjusting the straps and sharing kind words, even the stroppiest bird will warm up to the idea.

Next, let’s take a closer look at the facts surrounding diapers for chickens.


Chicken Wearing Yellow Diaper with Floral Design
Chicken Wearing Yellow Diaper with Floral Design

How Do Chickens Urinate?

Of all the things you know about chickens, you may not have been aware that chickens don’t urinate.

Instead, they release uric acid into their feces. No need to worry about a soaked bottom and time-consuming cleans.

How Often Do Chickens Poop?

If you want to know how often chickens poop, it is important to look at their diet, their size, and their water intake.

Chooks can defecate up to 15 times per day.

Even the smallest chickens can produce copious amounts of feces during the day; however, if you want firm feces that is easy to clean, your chickens need a good quality feed with a high fiber content.

How to Measure Chicken Diapers

To make your chicken comfortable, you need a diaper that is snug but non-restrictive of the bird’s movements.

One method that would make it easier to choose nappies is measuring your chicken.

You may need someone to assist when you put the measuring tape across their backs, tails and rears!

Getting The Perfect Fit

Ensure a well-fitted diaper by measuring chickens from the base of their neck, over the stomach, and towards the vent or rear.

Remember, a chicken can learn to wear custom made and well-fitted apparel.


There are many quirky things about chickens, but diapers would seem to top the list and for good reason!

More and more urban chicken keepers want their feathered friends to come into the house much like a regular pet, but because we know them as pooping machines, that can pose a problem.

Fortunately, chicken diapers make it easier to bring your pet closer to you.

Keepers can teach their chooks to come into the house once they put their bottoms on. This is one way to prevent poop from spreading all over the house.

Top Pick & Best Baby Chicken Diapers

As mentioned, the overall top pick is Louise’s Country Closet Chicken Diapers and the best for chicks is Pranovo’s Pet Diapers.

Both have a criss-cross design with adjustable straps.

These bottoms don’t cost too much and make for a stylish addition to the flock.

Best Disposable Chicken Diapers

The top disposable pet nappies to save you time are the Zukibo Pet Chicken Diapers.

Since you have the choice to make your own bottoms, we’re sure that each of our recommended products do a great job preventing the spread of poop.

To make sure you are buying the correct size, measure your chicken!

It may take some time, but a great chicken nappy can mean the difference between constant cleanups and a clean, fashionable hen.