Top 5 Best Chicken Nesting Boxes (2024 Buyer’s Guide)

One of the best parts of raising chickens is gathering fresh eggs!

An important part of consistent egg production is also ensuring the happiness, security, and comfort of your hens. Fortunately, you can give them what they need with the right chicken nesting box.

A hen will lay where she feels safe.

Providing one box for every hen reduces stress and prevents chickens from being kicked out of the nest while in lay.

To help you choose the ideal bedding, box, and space, we look at the best types of chicken nesting boxes for hens to lay their eggs.

A Look at the Top Picks for Nesting Boxes

Top Pick

Brower 404B 4-Hole Poultry Nest

Simple in design and easily installed, this nesting box is the ideal solution for the small flock.

Brower 404B 4-Hole Poultry Nest

Why buy one nest box when you can have four!

The Brower 4-Hole Poultry house wins our top pick because it offers value and is a low maintenance nesting box


The modern compact design can accommodate up to 20 chickens, making it the ideal choice for backyard chickens.

What I like about Brower’s nesting boxes is the ventilation holes so your chooks can stay cool and calm whether there’s sunshine or rain.


It’s galvanized, meaning you’d have a lasting henhouse that won’t rust or break along with an angled “no roost” roof.

Collecting eggs can get a lot easier with a few of these.

While it is not a rollout design, the spacious compartments make it simple to collect your daily clutch without much fuss.

Top Plastic Nesting Boxes

Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box

A durable, secure, private, and well-ventilated plastic nesting box to keep your hens happy.

Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box

The Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box is designed for the privacy and the security of chickens.

These nests can be wall-mounted.


It has no metal parts, making it simple to clean. 

While it may provide a tight squeeze for larger hens, small to medium fowl will have room to settle. Because these units do not include a padded bottom, make sure you add nesting materials, especially during the winter for insulation.

You don’t want birds to crack eggshells or have them struggle to get in and out of the box. 


Plastics can be slippery for poultry and increase the risk of injuries.

When you use the right materials, hens can comfortably settle.

Little Giant is the top brand in this respect because it can be secured to the wall in the coop and is made from a lasting polyresin.

Birds will find it simple to use and it’s an affordable range for any flock.

Top Galvanized Chicken Nesting Boxes

Homestead Essentials 2 Compartment Roll Out Nesting Box

Designed to provide a laying box for every hen, it is as spacious as it is modern and easy to assemble.

Homestead Essentials 2 Compartment Roll Out Nesting Box

Galvanized nesting boxes are quite popular for laying hens.

While some offer durability, they lack comfort.

Let’s just say that not all galvanized products are made equal!

Fortunately, the Homestead Essentials Roll Out Box is one type of unit that provides all the comforts and the protection that hens need.


It is wall-mountable and spacious which means that birds of all sizes can fit into the box.

This range also comes with plans so you can build the box in no time!

The Homestead products not only come with a galvanized finish, but also have an easy clean pull-out tray for collecting.


You may want to use nesting materials sparingly to prevent them from getting into the tray.

With its combination of simple maintenance, convenient tray, and ease of installation, Homestead Essentials wins in this category.

Roll Out Chicken Nesting Boxes

Best Nest Box Reversible Rollaway Nest Box

Best of both worlds in a chicken nesting box. Built considering space, design, and collecting eggs in mind.

Best Nest Box Reversible Rollaway Nest Box

If you want the best of both worlds in a chicken nesting box, then the Best Nest Rollaway Box is the top pick for your hens to lay their eggs.

The galvanized chicken nesting box provides hens with room to move, security from pesky rodents, and is easily mountable on the wall.


What is most impressive about this product is the unique rollaway feature.

It has a reversible tray for collecting eggs.

This means that you can access the front or the back of the box.

It also provides a padded nesting area to make chickens comfortable.


These boxes are easily secured to wood fencing or the back of the coop.

As it comes ready assembled, it won’t take much time to install.

Whether for your free-range hens or coop-bound flock, the rollaway boxes are a great addition.

Use it indoors or outdoors without much maintenance.

The Top Chicken Nesting Boxes in 2021

Roll Out Chicken Nesting Boxes

Best Nest Box Reversible Rollaway Nest Box

Best of both worlds in a chicken nesting box. Built considering space, design, and collecting eggs in mind.

Best Nest Box Reversible Rollaway Nest Box

When you choose a nest for your chickens, you need to consider the space, the design, and the convenience of collecting eggs.

Fortunately, Best Nest Rollaway Box has done all of this for you!

It consists of a front and rear (reversible) egg tray and interior pad for laying hens.


These easy-to-use boxes are suited to many small to medium hens, owing to their shallow depth.

On the other hand, it is simply not large enough for bigger breeds such as Orpingtons, Jersey Giants and Brahmas.

Although chickens may need a day or two to figure out how to use the nest box, once they’re inside, you can collect clean eggs with ease.


The unit can house up to 10 adult poultry.

As they lay, the eggs will roll into the tray, and because it is reversible, you can collect eggs inside or outside the coop!

Extra benefits

A galvanized box is made to last.

With an angled top, it can prevent fellow flock mates from roosting on the hood and creating a real mess!

Even old and wise chickens won’t take a chance.

Nest Box

It consists of polyethylene resins that prevent the growth of bacteria, and the pad is removable so you can wash and reuse it.

Many hens will enjoy the nest pad that is included.

The brand has considered just what hens need when preparing to lay.


They know that you want to get eggs from the coop without the fuss, so to save time and make sure that shells aren’t damaged, the nesting box offers an angled design, padded bedding, and collection area to keep eggs safely stored.


  • Type: Galvanized and enclosed
  • Chickens per Box: Accommodates 10 small to medium hens
  • Egg tray: Reversible tray


  • Can house up to 10 chickens
  • Lasting metal construction
  • Angled ‘no-roost’ roof
  • Easy to clean nest area that is padded for comfort
  • Reversible tray design


  • Not suitable for bigger hens
  • Many hens take a while to get used to the box

Top Plastic Nesting Boxes

Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box

A durable, secure, private, and well-ventilated plastic nesting box to keep your hens happy.

Little Giant Single Plastic Nesting Box

Little Giant presents its single plastic nest boxes for chickens with the convenience of a perch.

It is made of high-grade polyethylene, which means that you get a durable nest that can be wall-mounted or placed on the floor.


What I like about the Little Giant Boxes is that they provide a spacious interior for each chicken to move around in.

It is secure, private, and well-ventilated, which is important for the summer months. Because hens prefer private, dark places where they can quietly lay, the plastic enclosure creates the ideal environment to keep hens happy.


While most chicken keepers prefer wood boxes, Little Giant’s plastic nests are surprisingly easy to clean.

It also includes slots to be mounted a number of inches off the ground and away from many sneaky rodents.

Little Giant has decided to keep the back of the nests open to reduce dampness and the problem of red spider mite inside the box.


It is good to know that the plastic nesting box is big enough to house a single mature hen. The Little Giant Plastic Boxes do not include padding of any sort.

You can place straw or your choice of materials inside the box to prevent hens from slipping on the base or crushing their brood.


  • Type: Plastic
  • Chickens per Box: Shared by one or two hens
  • Egg Tray: No


  • Easy to mount
  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Straightforward to clean


  • Flimsy perch for roosting
  • No separate tray to keep eggs

Top Galvanized Chicken Nesting Boxes

Homestead Essentials 2 Compartment Roll Out Nesting Box

Designed to provide a laying box for every hen, it is as spacious as it is modern and easy to assemble.

Homestead Essentials 2 Compartment Roll Out Nesting Box

If you are looking for a sturdy nesting box that you can build yourself, then the Homestead Essentials Roll Out Box is just what your flock will ever need.

Designed to provide a laying box for every hen, it is as spacious as it is modern and easy to assemble.


Collecting eggs is made simpler with its rollout style. 

Once a hen has laid, the batch will roll forward into the metal tray.

Each egg remains undamaged and out of reach of hungry hens until collection.

Anti Roosting

Another interesting feature is the slanted roof to prevent roosting.

Homestead Essentials Roll Out Box has an open backing making it easier to wall mount the unit.

Keeping the nest boxes mounted several inches off the ground can prevent rodents from sneaking in to steal a tasty yolk!


This one is best for small to medium hens and not large robust fowl that need a lot of space. Make sure you add straw or suitable materials to prevent hens from sliding around the base. 

The entire box is made of galvanized steel while the tray consists of plastic.

Homestead has also included ventilation holes to help hens stay cool and comfortable while in the box.

Rather than buy a single box for hens to lay their eggs, small flocks can benefit from the two-compartment design that can house up to four chickens at once.


  • Type: Galvanized with plastic egg tray
  • Chickens per Box: Accommodates four hens at once
  • Egg Tray: Yes


  • Ready to assemble with plans
  • Angled roof to prevent roosting
  • Front designed egg tray for convenience
  • Easily mounted against wood or plastered wall
  • Value for money


  • Too much material can prevent the tray from opening
  • Might be too small for large poultry
  • Difficult to build

Top Pick

Brower 404B 4-Hole Poultry Nest

Simple in design and easily installed, this nesting box is the ideal solution for the small flock.

Brower 404B 4-Hole Poultry Nest

When you need to maximize nesting space and keep your budget intact, you should consider the Brower 404B Poultry Nest.

Simple in design and easily installed, the nesting box is the ideal solution for the small flock. 

Brower knows that you have important things to do, and that’s why their nest boxes were designed to assemble in a time of only 30 minutes.


All you require is a wrench, screwdriver, and the plans to have your two tier nests ready to go! It is simple to maintain because it is made of galvanized steel.

Along with its sturdy metal finish, the bottom trays can be removed, making it one of the easiest products to clean.


You can wall-mount the two-tier range which is designed to accommodate 20 hens.

Brower has included clean side panels so one can secure additional nests without having to build extra support.

Although the four-in-one nests are easily hung and maintained, they do not come with an egg tray.

With enough straw or nesting materials, it should create a comfortable spot for hens in lay.


  • Type: Galvanized nesting box
  • Chickens per Box: Up to 20 chickens
  • Egg Tray: No


  • Easy to clean
  • Galvanized steel
  • Quick installation


  • No tray for eggs
  • Pre-drilled holes must be carefully aligned for wall mounting

Rite Farm Washable Poly Egg Nesting Box

Best for those looking for an easy to clean, lasting, and affordable nesting box.

Rite Farm Washable Poly Egg Nesting Box

For chickens living in the coop, Rite Farms’ Poly Egg Nesting Boxes are an inexpensive and convenient choice.

These tough plastic nests are great for chickens who stay indoors.

It is also best for those looking for an easy to clean, lasting, and affordable alternative.


With an average of two chickens to one box, you can make your chickens the ideal laying pods without taking up too much space.

These nests are easy to install, whether you have wood or concrete walls.

This allows you to place the box inches above ground.


The open nests must be secured under cover.

As chickens will not have the added privacy and protection of a traditional enclosed nesting box, it is ideal to place these nests in a dark and quiet section of the coop.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design of the Rite Farm Nesting Boxes!


These durable trays will easily hold small to large chickens with enough room for them to move around.

The six pack offers value and is suited to any sized flock.

If you want to install a nesting box that is easy to use without the hassle or high cost, consider these easy-to-clean boxes.


  • Type: Open plastic nesting tray/pod
  • Chickens per Box: six-pack ideal for 15 hens
  • Egg tray: No


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable design
  • Simple to use and install


  • Requires a fair amount of nesting materials
  • Must be used in the coop

Why Do Chickens Need Nesting Boxes for Laying?

Chicken On A Nesting Box
Chicken On A Nesting Box

When you find your very first egg, you experience a sense of excitement and pride! After a day or two, you find the next batch of eggs in the garden bed and then under a tree.

You find it in some very strange places and can’t understand why your hen won’t choose one spot to lay!

Hens require an area where they feel safe and can quietly lay.

Even old and free-range birds rely on a single spot for laying.

Place For Eggs

By introducing chicken nesting boxes, every bird knows where to make their nests, and laying behavior is encouraged.

A well-made nesting box also makes life easier, because you spend less time searching for eggs that could also become damaged or eaten by pests when laid outside of the coop or coop tractor.

By providing each chicken their own box, you can expect consistent production and a healthy, happy flock. Having an egg candler can be helpful in ensuring the quality of your eggs.

How to Choose Nesting Boxes

Chicken Nesting Box Close Up
Chicken Nesting Box Close Up

An easy way to get consistently laying hens is to invest in the right nesting boxes.

You want a unit that will last, provide comfort, and even encourage hens to jump in on their own.

Along with the right choice of box, always add suitable bedding. It provides cushioning and insulation when the days get colder.

Let’s consider the most important features to look for when choosing chicken nesting boxes…

Safety and Privacy

The most popular types of nesting boxes are secure. It prevents other animals from getting to the hen.

An enclosed nesting box that is wall-mounted is a good choice, especially where rodents are rife.

Privacy is another important part of keeping a laying chicken happy. They don’t like to be fussed or gawked at.


If the coop is not fully enclosed or the hens are free-range, it is better to mount enclosed boxes such as Little Giant’s Nesting Box or the Brower 404 Poultry Nest.

Wall Mounted or Raised

Keeping nests raised prevents pests from reaching chickens.

Make sure that you place the nesting box at an appropriate height for hens.

Even old fowl may want to get into the box so use fair judgment based on the weight and the height of each bird.

Angled Roof

Nest boxes should have angled roofs.

It will prevent a chicken from roosting and leaving you with a big mess to clean at the end of each day.

To make the most valuable choice for your chooks, you should know the facts surrounding the right types of poultry nests.

Check out more tips on choosing chicken nest boxes in the informative below.

Chicken Nest Boxes: What Size and How Many?


How Many Nesting Boxes Per Chicken?

The general rule of thumb is one box for every four hens.

Chicken Nesting Boxes Roll Away Eggs

When eggs are left in the nest, hens can crack them and eat the yolk. Some chickens kick the eggs out while others leave you with an incredibly dirty dozen!

A great way to get clean eggs on time is with a rollaway nesting box.

The rollaway boxes make daily collections easy.

How It Works

Laid eggs will gently roll into a separate area, known as the tray, and away from the chicken.

It remains undamaged and clean and you can continue to fetch each batch without disturbing the next bird to hop into the box.

How do Big Do Chicken Nesting Boxes need to Be?

The dimensions of the chicken nesting box will depend on the breeds in your flock. Hens use the nesting box to sit but they should be able to move about to settle.

This includes standing inside an enclosed nesting box with features offering ventilation.

Chicken Nesting Boxes Size

The average chicken nesting box should be around twelve inches in height and width.

This is especially ideal for leghorns and black stars.

Larger chicken breeds such as Orpingtons and Brahmas will benefit from a few more inches added to their nests to accommodate their size.

Where to Place Nesting Boxes in Chicken Coop

Hen Inside a Nesting Box
Hen Inside a Nesting Box

The preferred spot for such boxes is wall mounted.

A hen will prefer to be up a few inches off the ground where she is safe and not pestered by other chickens while in lay.

Nests should also be secured to a quiet and shaded area to make chickens feel at ease.

What to Put in Chicken Nest Boxes?

If a chicken nesting box does not include removable padding, you will have to add suitable bedding.

Popular materials include teff grass and straw.

You can also use wood shavings or cut up cardboard into fine pieces and add it to the bottom of the nesting box.

Some people use sterile sand, but this may be difficult to clean after a while. You can also use biodegradable or washable pads or liners.

Should I Put Shavings or Straw in the Chicken Nesting Boxes when It’s Below Freezing?

Both shavings and straw are good choices of materials for nesting boxes in winter. Straw has a hollow stalk that works to trap warm air in the nesting layers.

A good combination of materials to insulate nesting boxes is cut-up cardboard on the bottom and thick layers of straw on top of that. This can prevent eggs from freezing.

How to Get Chickens to Use Nesting Boxes

To make nesting boxes attractive to chickens you can place rubber eggs or even a golf ball on the bedding.

If you find them sitting under a tree or another awkward spot, add twigs or other items to make it less attractive to them!


Top Galvanized Chicken Nesting Boxes

Popular nesting boxes include fully enclosed and galvanized units such as Homestead Essentials 2 Compartment Nesting Box.

This product is low maintenance and can create secure laying areas for hens.

Top Pick

To recap, our overall top pick is Brower’s 4-Hole Nesting Boxes, which is galvanized, low-maintenance, and conveniently compact.

If you personally prefer the ease of eggs being separated from the hen, then a rollaway design is the ideal solution.

Roll Out Chicken Nesting Boxes

Best Nest Box is a reversible and rollaway box that can certainly make daily collection of eggs much easier!

With a secure coop where chickens can spend time indoors, you can also use plastic nesting boxes that are not fully enclosed.

An example includes the Little Giant Nesting Boxes, which are affordable, durable, and easy to wall-mount.

Getting Chickens to Enjoy Their New Nests

Chickens are intelligent creatures and will soon find their way into their new nests.

When you know how to meet their basic needs to start producing, it becomes easier to create a consistent regimen for hens to happily lay their eggs.