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Chicken Stimulus Packages

Press Release Richmond, VA 2-1-14

The Chicken Stimulus Package concept began in 2009 with a chick give away to folks who were interested in getting started with family flocks. Andy Schnieder, the Chicken Whisperer, headed the effort held in Roswell, Georgia where a "battle" going on over the right to keep family flocks. Major hatcheries donated chicks and the Atlanta Chicken Meetup Group volunteered and helped organized the event.

The idea has grown along with the local foods movement and Occupy Backyards projects. It now includes local chicken owners who raise birds, to raise a few more to give to first-time chicken owners and help them get started. We call it chicken tithing.

Emphasis is on the heritage breeds to help not only preserve the breeds, but to get folks to understand the diversity and utility of non-commercial birds.

The Coop Corps collaborates with the Chicken Stimulus Package participants in getting birds placed, especially in Food Deserts where fresh food is not easily available.

These projects and movements are developing rapidly so please check back occasionally to follow the action, or contact The Gossamer Foundation.

We will help you organize a chicken stimulus package and Coop Corps projects in your area.

Contact us at:Training@ChickensAndYOU.com
or call: (540) 460-6459