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Hot Weather Chicken Care, Coop Modification & Severe Weather Actions including Evacuation. Course with Coaching
6 Classes, some 90 minutes

Hot weather care of flocks is differences from other seasons. Learn simple, time saving ways to make daily tasks easier and keep flocks healthy through the severest of heat. Individual consultations and plan review.

• Breed–hot climate tolerant characteristics
• Summer egg production
• Coop & shelter hot weather modifications.
• Summer feeds, feeding & water supply.
• Pro-active hot weather management for optimal flock health and production.
• Hot weather health care and treatments.
• Severe weather and emergency evacuation planning.

Getting ready now for the increasingly hot temperatures can help prevent a lot of trouble and harm to your bird later. Students prepare action plans for their summer flock care and coop modification. Individual coaching on what works and what doesn't. Course facilitator Pat Foreman. 4 classes.

Tuition $99 for individual
$135 for family tuition of 2 adults with kids under 18 included. register_small

Qualified as an advance course for the Master Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification and Diploma


• Convenient access of on-line training from wherever you are with a computer or phone.
• Advanced GoToTraining format with cam video.
• Class notes with copies of all slides for clear understanding of concepts, designs and systems.
• 24/7 replay of class sessions.
• Real time video streaming and chat during class.
• Chat room opens 1/2 hour before class and remains open for Q&A and student interactions.
• Classes run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the topic and student questions.
• Small classes for maximum participation.
• Available international through your computer & VoIP, or phone access.
• Continue with other Chickeneers on a private (closed) Chickens and YOU FaceBook group.
• We strive to keep tuition affordable; targeted at about $20 per contact hour.
• Facilitated live by popular author & speaker Patricia Foreman and other expert guest Chickeneers
To arrange for courses in your area, scheduling & registration (540) 261-8775 or eMail: Training@ChickensAndYou.com