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Therapy Chickens: The Training of Handlers and Their Birds
to do Public Visitations.
6 Classes Plus Four Visitations to Public Venue
Next course will be offered in Spring 2019

Completion of the Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification Course is a prerequsite to taking this course. This gives you the base for expertly answering question about heritage chickens and the service they can provide.

A therapy chicken is specially selected and handled, and its owner specifically trained to provide therapeutic visitation, comfort, education and entertainment to people in retirement homes, assisted living, schools, rehabilitation facilities and other suitable venues. Learn how to work with your birds (often pets) to take them safely and sanitarily to visitation places. Indivdual coaching, live Q&A sessions.

As the therapy chicken handler, you must be able to:
• Read your bird's particular stress signals
• Anticipate your animal's responses, behavior and positions
• Advocate for the safety and well being of your bird at all times
• Re-direct your bird's behavior in a positive way
• Chicken chat & valid information with the people you visit
• Know the 7 myths of urban chickens with appropriate responses.

Topics include:
• Therapy bird selection & heritage breed tendencies.
• Bird handling & training fundamentals including babybnchicks
• Public visitation healthy & safety
• Speaking & teaching on local foods and the role of heritage chickens
• Safe & comfortable transportation of birds

Graduates awarded the Completion of the Therapy Chicken Course Certificate.
Course facilitator Patricia Foreman

6 Classes from 60 to 90 minutes long.

Qualified as one of the advance courses for the Master Backyard Chicken Keeper Certification and Diploma.


• 24/7 international access to on-line class videos from wherever you are with a computer, smart phone or device.
• Advanced GoToTraining format.
• Recieve copies of over 650 PowerPoint slides for clear understanding of concepts, designs and systems.
• Real time video streaming during weekly question & answer discussion sessions.
• Chat room remains open after Q&A discussions for extended Chickeneer interactions.
• Classes run from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the topic.
• Continue with other Chickeneers on a private (closed) Chickens and YOU FaceBook group.
• We strive to keep tuition affordable; targeted at about $20 per contact hour.
• Facilitated by popular author & speaker Patricia Foreman and other expert guest Chickeneers
For scheduling & registration (765) 966-4456 or eMail: Training@ChickensAndYou.com