Sussex Coop & Double Run

As one of our bestselling combinations, the Sussex Chicken House with Double Run is the ideal home for chickens that need to be kept enclosed as they have ample space to forage and play without needing to ramble around the garden.


Devon Coop & Double Run

With over 22 square feet of run space and over 9.5 square feet of inside housing area as well, the Devon with the double run is ideal for those that wish to give their hens a large outside area for them to roam freely.


Dorset Coop & Double Run

At over 4 meters long and with over 40 sq feet of space the Dorset With Double Run is the ideal unit for those wanting to keep chickens in a self-contained setup while giving them plenty of safe space to scratch about in.


Sussex Coop & Run

Combining the Sussex Coop with the Sussex Run will give your hens over 30 square feet of space. This setup is perfect for areas where space is at a premium but you still want to give your hens a secure area to move around.


Devon Coop & Run

The Devon works really well with this run which has been specifically designed to fit the coop. The add-on run gives your hens 11 square feet of secure outdoor space. You can also easily extend the run by adding a 2nd or 3rd one onto it at a later stage.


Dorset Coop & Run

The well-thought-out Dorset With Run offers you plenty of flexibility with almost 30 square feet of space and a large run that can be easily extended at a later date should the need arise.


Sussex Coop- The Urban One

A beautiful all-in-one coop and run solution for 2-5 hens. The Sussex has a uniquely designed long sloping roof to keep your hens happy and their food dry in all weather.


Devon Coop- The Traditional One

A versatile, traditional chicken house with huge amounts of nesting & bedding space, suitable for up to 7 hens…. and our top-selling coop!”


Dorset Coop- The Easy Access One

Our mid-capacity coop houses up to 6 hens and is the easiest to keep clean thanks to its fully opening roof and easy-open front panel. Perfect for children or for people with lower mobility who might struggle to access their coop for cleaning.